Introduction: The History and Drawbacks of Traditional Dentures

Dentures have been around since 700 BC, evolving from animal teeth to human teeth, ivory, and finally, acrylic. Despite centuries of advancement, traditional dentures remain far from ideal. In the 21st century, about one in five Americans over the age of 40 still rely on dentures. However, ask any denture wearer, and you’ll quickly learn that they don’t like them.

Why Dentures Are Unpopular

Embarrassment: Dentures can click while eating, slur speech, fall out unexpectedly, and often don’t look natural.

Discomfort: Dentures cause sores on the gums, may require adhesives to stay in place, and trap food beneath them, causing pain. Many foods, such as apples, steaks, and hamburgers, are difficult or impossible to eat.

Maintenance: Dentures need to be removed nightly for soaking and brushing, and adhesives must be cleaned daily.

Health Issues: Difficulty eating leads many denture wearers to become malnourished. Improperly fitting dentures can cause jaw pain, headaches, and muscle pain, impacting daily life. Worst of all, dentures can lead to jaw bone deterioration.

The Current State of Full Mouth Restorations

Considering these drawbacks, why are dentures still popular? According to Dr. Randy Roberts, DDS, from Smile Clinic, “Dentures have been around for so long that people just think that’s what you do when you are losing your teeth. Many people don’t know that there are much better options available.”

One of the better-known permanent options is the All on 4 procedure, which gained popularity in the 1990s. While it solves many denture-related problems, it has its drawbacks. All on 4 permanent dentures don’t need nightly removal, support good bone health, and make eating easier. However, they are still large, uncomfortable prosthetics with artificial gum lines, costly to purchase and maintain.

Introducing the 3 on 6™ Procedure

Enter Dr. Roberts, a leading innovator in dental technology and the inventor of the 3 on 6™ procedure. This permanent, implant-supported alternative to dentures and the All on 4 aims to provide a healthier and more affordable option.

Developed in 2014, the 3 on 6™ focuses on replacing only the missing teeth, making it feel like you have your real teeth in your mouth, not a large acrylic hockey puck. Dr. Roberts explains, “Dentures really are old technology. They are typewriters. We’re not buying typewriters anymore, even though they’re cheaper. We shouldn’t be wearing dentures. They are unhealthy.”

Benefits of the 3 on 6™ Procedure

Natural Look and Feel: The 3 on 6™ replaces only the missing teeth, resulting in a completely natural appearance and sensation.

Simplified Maintenance: Unlike the All on 4, the 3 on 6™ allows for easy do-it-yourself maintenance without needing frequent professional cleanings.

Maintained Oral and Bone Health: By focusing on replacing missing teeth, the 3 on 6™ supports overall oral and bone health, preventing deterioration.

Dr. Roberts emphasizes, “The benefits that you put on a list can’t even compare to how people feel with a brand new, beautiful set of teeth. I’ve had many patients in tears, come back and tell me how the 3 on 6™ has changed their life. Their confidence, their relationships, their jobs—it affects everything.”

Case Studies and Testimonials from All Out Dental in Las Vegas

At All Out Dental in Las Vegas, numerous patients have experienced life-changing results thanks to the 3 on 6™ procedure. Here are a few testimonials:

Jane S.: “I never thought I’d be able to eat my favorite foods again. The 3 on 6™ procedure has given me back my confidence and joy in eating.”

Michael R.: “After struggling with dentures for years, the 3 on 6™ has been a revelation. It feels like I have my own teeth again, and the maintenance is so easy!”

Linda T.: “The team at All Out Dental made the entire process seamless. I can’t believe the difference this has made in my daily life.”

Comparing the 3 on 6™ Procedure with Traditional Dentures

1. Comfort and Fit

  • Traditional Dentures: Often uncomfortable, causing sores and requiring adhesives.
  • 3 on 6™ Procedure: Feels like natural teeth, eliminating discomfort and the need for adhesives.

2. Maintenance

  • Traditional Dentures: Nightly removal, soaking, and brushing, along with adhesive cleaning.
  • 3 on 6™ Procedure: Simplified, do-it-yourself maintenance with no nightly removal.

3. Health Impact

  • Traditional Dentures: Can lead to malnutrition, jaw pain, and bone deterioration.
  • 3 on 6™ Procedure: Supports overall oral and bone health, preventing deterioration.

4. Aesthetics and Functionality

  • Traditional Dentures: Often look unnatural and can affect speech and eating ability.
  • 3 on 6™ Procedure: Provides a natural look and feel, improving speech and allowing for a wider variety of foods.

FAQs About Full Mouth Restorations and the 3 on 6™ Procedure

Q1: What is the 3 on 6™ procedure?

A: The 3 on 6™ procedure is a permanent full mouth restoration option that replaces missing teeth with implant-supported bridges, providing a natural look and feel.

Q2: How does the 3 on 6™ differ from the All on 4?

A: Unlike the All on 4, which uses a large prosthetic with an artificial gum line, the 3 on 6™ replaces only the missing teeth, resulting in a more natural appearance and sensation.

Q3: What are the maintenance requirements for the 3 on 6™?

A: The 3 on 6™ procedure allows for easy do-it-yourself maintenance without the need for frequent professional cleanings.

Q4: Is the 3 on 6™ procedure painful?

A: Patients typically experience minimal discomfort during the procedure, and any post-operative pain is manageable with standard pain relief methods.

Q5: How can I schedule a consultation for the 3 on 6™ procedure?

A: Contact All Out Dental in Las Vegas to schedule a consultation and learn more about the 3 on 6™ procedure.

Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Full Mouth Restorations

The future of full mouth restorations is here, and it’s time to move beyond the limitations of traditional dentures. The 3 on 6™ procedure offers a revolutionary solution that combines comfort, aesthetics, and health benefits, providing a permanent denture alternative that truly enhances quality of life.

If you’re ready to explore this innovative option, schedule a consultation with All Out Dental in Las Vegas today. Your journey to a confident, beautiful smile begins now.