A breakthrough in Dental Technology for Smile Makeovers

The 3 on 6™ is the better alternative to dentures. Invented in 2015 by Dr. Randy Roberts, the 3 on 6 treatment is the most advanced smile restoration treatment on the market. It consists of three permanent bridges secured to six implants.

Why You Should Choose 3 on 6™


Permanent Placement

Six implants are placed to provide permanent strength and protect from bone loss


Control and Comfort

With no acrylic mouthpiece, eating and speaking feels just like using your natural teeth.

Beautiful Bridges

Three beautiful, bright, and incredibly strong zirconia bridges are attached to the implants.

Minimal Maintenance

No glues or rinses. Brushing and flossing are all that is needed.

3 on 6™ Patient Stories


Transforming Lives Beyond Smiles

The most rewarding aspect of performing 3 on 6™ dental restorations is witnessing the profound impact it has on our patients’ lives. It’s not just about the smile; it’s about the renewed self-esteem, the surge in confidence, and the heightened enthusiasm for life that comes with it. Experience the joy and genuine reactions of real patients as they see their new 3 on 6™ smiles for the first time

The 3 on 6™ Process and Timeline

Step 1

Your journey starts with a complimentary consultation with a Dr. Jason Emett. During this visit, He will conduct detailed scans of your mouth to assess if you are suitable for the 3 on 6™ procedure.

In this first meeting, Dr. Emett will also discuss various payment and financing plans, helping you understand your options. Additionally, they will work with you to decide if and when you would like to commence your treatment.”

Step 2

In the next appointment, the implant procedure will be carried out. You have the option of either local anesthesia or sedation for your comfort. Post-surgery, the implants will require a healing period that can vary from a few weeks to several months.

Throughout this healing phase, you will be provided with temporary bridges to ensure you’re not without teeth. Our dental laboratory will utilize detailed scans of your teeth or previously prepared models to craft your new smile. Importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the design, including selecting the shade of the teeth.”

Step 3

Once your implants have fully healed and are robust, you will be fitted with a new set of temporary bridges. These bridges, made from a more cost-effective material, provide an opportunity for you to experience and suggest any adjustments you desire before the final teeth are created.

After using these bridges for a couple of weeks, you will have a consultation with Dr. Emett. During this meeting, your feedback will be crucial in guiding any necessary tweaks or changes to the bridges.

Step 4

The ultimate step involves crafting your final zirconia bridges, meticulously made by our in-house 3 on 6™ dental lab experts according to your dentist’s detailed specifications. A concluding appointment will be arranged for the dentist to fit these final bridges, making sure they align perfectly with your expectations.

Your new 3 on 6™ smile will not only be stunning but also permanent. There’s no need for removal; simple brushing and flossing will keep it in great condition. You’ll be able to smile, speak, kiss, and chew with renewed confidence and ease!”

Compare the 3 on 6™ to other full mouth treatments

3 on 6™ Limited Lifetime Guarantee

The 3 on 6™ treatment includes a limited lifetime warranty available through participating providers. Our commitment is to ensure your 3 on 6™ smile endures for a lifetime. Adhering to our recommended care instructions and oral health practices, we believe this is entirely achievable!

This warranty offers several advantages: complimentary implant replacement within the first year in case of failure, a lifetime guarantee for full implant replacement if osseointegration does not occur, ongoing bite adjustments by your provider, reduced costs for bridge replacements, among other benefits.

Be sure to consult your provider to confirm their participation in this guarantee and to understand the specific terms and conditions.”