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We are excited to help you on your journey to a perfect smile. Dr. Emett can help you get the perfect smile. Whether you need 3 on 6™  full mouth resoration or  Clear Aligners. We are going to help. Your form has been submitted. We will be reaching out to schedule your FREE Teeth Scan.

You may love our All Out NiTime Clear Aligners. 

Get a beautiful smile by wearing your aligners only 9-12 hrs at night.

Be free of your aligners. Eat, drink, and talk hassle-free during your day.

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Restoring More Than Just Smiles

The best part of doing 3 on 6™ smile restorations is seeing how it transforms someone’s life. The way they feel about themselves changes and their confidence and excitement for life soars. Enjoy watching these real patients react to their new 3 on 6™ smiles!